We have a deep understanding of the art ecosystem and view our role as tastemakers engaged in popularizing art and artistic concepts from contemporary society. We act as the mediator between site, artists and audience in order to generate a collective dialogue and the exchange of ideas. Our curatorial practice includes:

  • Conducting discovery sessions and preliminary research
  • Prescribing budget allocation
  • Identifying and selecting artists
  • Mapping layout of the exhibition based on provided floor plans using – 3D modelling
  • Seeking sponsorships
    Coordinating site installation
  • Arranging logistics for visiting artists
  • Detailed mission statement for the exhibition
  • Designing the catalogue of the exhibition, documentation and other promotional tools including online campaigns and press kits
  • Promoting the exhibition through RASMA channels including RASMA magazine, social media and newsletter
  • Organizing a pre-opening press conference, with QR code of artworks, concept text and list of artists
  • Organizing a panel discussion with the artists if desired
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