Art of living is a concept that transcends classical art consultancy. it serves as a guide for those seeking to express themselves, their environment, their persona, and their behaviour in an artistic or creative manner.

We intentionally provoke our clients’ perception of their bodies, minds and senses within a physical space to help them experience art in all its dimensions and integrate it into their everyday life.

From granular, specific details such as the choice of jewellery to wear, to an overarching scheme that encompasses the client’s entire personal space, Art of Living eliminates the friction between the elusive desire to live artistically and the actual realization of an artistic lifestyle.

Consulting services under Art of Living use a diversity of creative channels to educate and inspire clients on their journey of integrating art in their everyday life. Such channels range from fine art, design, street art, photography, illustrations, installations, movies, theatre, performances, personal style, market news and trends. They also extend to corporate clients looking for styling and staging services.

Art of Living makes creative and artistic living accessible and turns art into a meaningful and significant part of the quotidian.

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